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2021 Leadership Promotions

Congratulations to Nick Morey, chosen as the SOUTHERN REGION CHIEF for the 2021 term. From Ma-Nu Lodge, Nick was the 2019 Ma-Nu Lodge Chief and our Section Chief for 2020 and 2020-2021.

Elections for SR-8 Section Chief for the remainder of the 2021 term will be held via virtual COC call on Sunday, January 24th, per the G.O.A. procedures with each lodge getting 1 vote. (If the current Section Vice Chief and/or Section Secretary run and are elected to a new position, then their old positions will also be filled during that call.) Candidate submissions to be considered for the SR-8 Section Chief for the 2020-21 term must be sent to Section Adviser Chris Phillips, with the relevant (virtual) signatures prior to Saturday, January 23rd.

Correbin Day was elected the SR-8 Section Vice Chief for the remainder of the term, until regular elections at our 2021 Conclave. Correbin was the Wisawanik Lodge 2019-20 Vice Chief of Administration.

Grant Kim was elected as SR-8 Section Secretary, until the 2021 Conclave. Grant was a Ma-Nu Lodge Vice Chief for 2019-20.

Congratulations, brothers!