Welcome to Section G4

Tomorrow is Today! Our same 8 lodges are now in OA Section G4, part of the new Gateway Region. We’re excited to invite you to our Section Conclave, April 30-May 1, 2022. See prior post for details. Our officers can be reached at Chief@SectionG4.org, ViceChief@SectionG4.org, Secretary@SectionG4.org, along with Info@SectionG4.org and Adviser@SectionG4.org. Our new Gateway Region […]

COVID Membership Allowances, 12/21/21

December 21, 2021: Update to Temporary Covid Policy Modifications Changed the Temporary Covid Policy Modifications: Virtual camping will no longer count towards OA eligibility and the previous camping requirement, which includes a long-term camp of five (5) consecutive nights, is reinstituted, effective January 1, 2022.  Any virtual camping nights completed before January 1, 2022 may be […]

Momentum Resources

Momentum Updates The Momentum: Discover, Launch! and Spark! events were great. Registered participants can look back at the archives; Yes, you can still register: Momentum.oa-bsa.org It was used to showcase and explain several operational updates, including: New Election Video Resources for Reemerging from COVID-19 Updated OA Event CORONAVIRUS guidance, (Virtual election, In person and virtual […]

2021 Leadership Promotions

Congratulations to Nick Morey, chosen as the SOUTHERN REGION CHIEF for the 2021 term. From Ma-Nu Lodge, Nick was the 2019 Ma-Nu Lodge Chief and our Section Chief for 2020 and 2020-2021. Elections for SR-8 Section Chief for the remainder of the 2021 term will be held via virtual COC call on Sunday, January 24th, […]

Submit OA Photos/Videos

Has your troop, chapter or lodge held an event with someone taking photos or videos? The National OA Communications team would like to see what was captured, and possibly use it in upcoming media. For more details or to send items, go to oa-bsa.org/photo-submission

2020 OA Service Grant – Washita

The following 2020 Service Grant was awarded within the Southern Region: Washita Lodge of the Cherokee Area Council, headquartered in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, will receive $3,300 to install solar generated electricity and LED lights at Camp McClintock.

Thrive (OA growth tools)

A major review of our processes adds several new tools and best practices to support communication and membership growth of our lodges, including additional duties for the sections. For more details, check out: https://oa-bsa.org/thrive Once a candidate has been informed, a new welcome session is encouraged for them (and their parents) to overcome any induction […]

Brotherhood, after 6 months

The national OA committee announced several changes related to OA. The most widespread change was allowing members to attain Brotherhood after just 6 months, effective immediately. Lodges will also benefit by updating the “Journey to Excellence” program (to the new Performance Measurement Program) and a stronger focus from the Sections on making their lodges higher […]

Unit Election Resources

From Caleb Light’s presentation at the SR-8 CoC, 2/9/2019, this is the link for the Unit Elections packet: http://bit.ly/BestPracticesElectionPacket Speaking of lodge best practices, go here!