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Thrive (OA growth tools)

A major review of our processes adds several new tools and best practices to support communication and membership growth of our lodges, including additional duties for the sections. For more details, check out: https://oa-bsa.org/thrive

Once a candidate has been informed, a new welcome session is encouraged for them (and their parents) to overcome any induction resistance.

After completing the induction experience (service, plus…), new focus has been placed on an activation event, to give them a reason to come back and see the brotherhood and cheerfulness that binds us together.

Our Ordeal members will also get more support in preparation for and making their Brotherhood commitment.

The elangomats that help at the induction experience will also have access to more information to prepare them to be more effective at their role in being a friend to those candidates in their clan.

Getting a better understanding of the Order by our own members will lead to better Scouts in the units we serve, and to improve the overall BSA membership. If you have any ideas or questions, please reach out to your lodge, chapter, section or Thrive Support!