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Conclave History

A list of Conclaves held by G-4 is below:

  • Planning for Conclave at Camp Hale, Talihina, OK, is current underway for May 5-7, 2023. Hosted by Ta Tsu Hwa Lodge
  • Conclave 2022 was held at Camp Rockefeller, Damascus, AR, hosted by Quapaw Lodge

A list of Conclaves held by SR-8 is below:

  • Conclave 2021 was held at Camp Simpson, Bromide, OK, hosted by Wisawanik Lodge
  • Conclave 2020 was held virtually on August 22, 2020
  • Conclave 2019 was held at Kerr Scout Reservation, Tishomingo, OK, hosted by Ma-Nu Lodge
  • Conclave 2018 was held at Camp Orr, hosted by Wachtschu Mawachpo Lodge