Section Leadership

Gateway Region Chief Dirk Smelser, along with 2022-23 Section G4 Vice Chief Ben Power, Chief Grant Kim and Secretary Ben McKay, left to right.

Section Chief

Grant Kim

Vigil Honor

Grant was a lodge Vice Chief for 2019-20, and Section Secretary for part of 2020, then elected Chief as Nick Morey became Southern Region Chief, and reelected Chief for 2021 and again for 2022 at the G4 Section Conclave hosted by Camp Rockefeller.

Section Vice Chief

Ben Power

Vigil Honor

Ben has held several positions in the Ma-Nu lodge.  He is a Vigil Honor member.  Ben was elected 2021 Section Secretary, and Section Vice Chief at the 2022 Conclave at Camp Rockefeller.

Section Secretary

Ben McKay


Ben is a Brotherhood member.  Ben was elected Section Secretary at the 2022 Conclave at Camp Rockefeller.

Section Adviser

Chris Phillips

Vigil Honor

Chris is a Founders Award Recipient, Vigil Honor Member, and a Past Lodge Adviser. Chris has been in Scouting for over 25 years and is an Eagle Scout. As a youth in the Order of the Arrow, Chris served on the Lodge and Section Leadership.

Section Staff Adviser

Carol Whitebook

Vigil Honor

Section Associate Advisers

Matt Hubbard

Vigil Honor

Matt is a Vigil Honor member in the Quapaw Lodge.

Brian Aneshansley

Vigil Honor

Brian is a Vigil Honor member in the Ma-Nu Lodge.