Section Leadership

2024-25 Section G4 Vice Chief Naomi L., Chief Berkeley Wasson and Secretary Morgan J., left to right.

Section Chief

Berkeley Wasson

Vigil Honor

Berkeley is an Eagle Scout and vigil honor member of Mixti Wanaxe Lodge. He’s very excited to get to work this year with this team of officers, and  can’t wait to provide you guys with more content on social media, and more Section officers at your events.

Section Vice Chief

Naomi Liljenberg

Vigil Honor

Naomi is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor Member from Mixti Wanaxe Lodge. She is  very excited for this coming year to strengthen the ties of brotherhood between each of us, to provide more leadership, training opportunities, and to hold the best Conclave that Section G4 has seen so far!

Section Secretary

Morgan Johnson


Morgan is a Brotherhood member from Ta Tsu Hwa Lodge in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. He’s excited to meet new Arrowmen from all over our section and provide resources for our lodges to be the best they can possibly be!

Section Adviser

Theresa Lux


Theresa is a Brotherhood member in the Ma-Nu Lodge.


Section Staff Adviser

Carol Whitebook

Vigil Honor

Section Associate Advisers

Shawn Johnson

Vigil Honor

Shawn is a Vigil Honor member in the Mixti Wanaxe Lodge.

David Long

Vigil Honor

David is a Vigil Honor member in the Ma-Nu Lodge.