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ZBase Service Project Registration

Southern Region SR8 Order of the Arrow ZBASE Trail Crew needs you!

Our Mission is to construct a lasting, 16 mile hiking trail: a “Lake to Lake Trail” which will serve as the backbone trail to all the ZBASE program areas. This is an opportunity to help complete a project that will serve thousands of youth for decades to come, while making friends and learning all about trail building from some of the best foreman in the OA from all over the country! When you finish, you will have the experience and skills to continue the legacy in your home camp or your council! Sponsored by Southern Region SR8 and hosted by Ta Tsu Hwa Lodge, this project is open to Order of the Arrow members from all Lodges and Regions!! We’ll work hard, we’ll play hard, and we will make a huge impact!! WE NEED YOU!!
The project dates are May 27, 2019 – June 1, 2019, and the cost for the week is only $95, which includes all meals!

For more information, click here, see our FaceBook page
or if you’ve already decided and want to register, click here.